the last one?

after reading an article entitled ‘Cigarette Smoking and Your Health’ i lit a cigarette to calm my nerves. I smoked with concentration and pleasure as i was sure that this would be my last cigarette.For a whole week i did not smoke at all and during this time,my wife suffered terribly.i had all the usual symptoms of someone giving up smoking:a bad temper and cigars. They made no effort to hide their amusement whenever i produced a packet of sweets from my pocket. After seven days of this i went to a party.Everybody around me was smoking and i felt extremely uncomfortable.when my old friend Brian urged me to accept a cigarette,it was more than i could bear.i took one guiltily,lit it and smoked with satisfaction.My wife was delighted that things had returned to normal once more.Anyway,as Brian pointed out,it is the easiest thing in the world to give up smoking.He himself has done it lots of times!

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